Birthday delights

Oh happy day! My Williams Sonoma cookie cutters arrived earlier this week and I finally had the chance to use them today!


I had been eyeing these personalised cookie cutters for the longest time and was pretty stoked when I learnt that The Dude had got me a set for Christmas! Only thing was that these cutters were out of stock till February, which meant I had to wait patiently for them to arrive. Now that they are here, we had the perfect excuse to put them to good use today!


You see, tomorrow happens to be The Dude’s good mate- Tom’s birthday! Some personalised cookies would be a thoughtful gift for a thoughtful man like him, we thought!

There was a handy sugar cookie recipe that came with the cutters which we decided to use. I chose the star cutter to try stamping on the cookie dough first.


I assembled the words in the cookie cutter and pressed the cutter into the dough…


And out popped this little cutie!


Very clever! The cutters work perfectly and I love the font on the cookie! We were really impressed at this stage so we assembled Tom’s name on the rectangular cutter and continued stamping out more cookies. We decorated the cookies with silver cauchous before popping them in the oven.


We probably left the cookies a touch longer in the oven than what was required so they turned out browner than what I expected.


I decorated a craft takeaway box with some stickers and scrap book papers….


And lined it with gold aluminium foil (interesting what you can find at the supermarket) before packing the cookies in.


There you have it! Our very first personalised edible delights for a special birthday boy! Hopefully Tom likes them, if not we can always count on that trusty bottle of Cab Sav to do the trick!



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