A way of life

We came across this sign in the display window of a picture framing shop while walking around Malvern on an idyllic and early Sunday morning.


The words reminded us of a significant event that happened in our lives a few years ago.

We were driving to lunch and were waiting at a major cross traffic junction for the lights to turn. The lights changed from red to green. I stepped on the accelerator and began to make a right turn.

Suddenly I noticed a black car speeding past the red lights on the road that was perpendicular to the one we were on. The car looked like it was heading straight into us. I shut my eyes tightly and stepped on the brakes with all my might, waiting for what we thought was the inevitable.

I heard a loud screech and a few thuds and felt a huge jolt as the car finally halted. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the black car had hit the bonnet of the red car that was on my right which had not been able to brake as quickly as I had. Our car had a few minor dents and scratches. Thankfully no one was injured but we did come out of the accident somewhat shaken.

It’s funny how an incident like that changes your perspective on life. One of the key things we decided was that our happiness would no longer be paramount to the attainment of that promotion/ new house/ new toy/ . Life was too short to spend time waiting for one’s goals to be reached before one could be happy! Instead, living in the moment and being happy there and then was the way that we resolved to live our lives in the future.

The Dude and I spent time today reflecting on those words. They seemed even more relevant ever since Bugs entered our lives. In a way the accident was a blessing in disguise for it made us realise how important it is to be happy in the now and appreciate every moment of our time together. Because you really will not know what tomorrow might bring.


2 thoughts on “A way of life

  1. Hey Daphne, your post today is just what I needed to “hear”; I’ve been waiting to move into a new house and my life has kind of been on hold just waiting for that to happen. Your post made me put things in perspective and realise that I have to stay in the now instead of obssessing over what yet to come.
    By the way, love your blog.
    Anabela xxx

    • Glad you like it Anabela! There are times I forget too but am glad that sign reminded me. Maybe I should get it! Good luck with the move – hope all goes really smoothly!:) Thank you very much for reading and for your kind words!

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