The return of Phillip


When our favourite bakeryBrioche by Phillip (or “Phillip” as we call it) closed for a few weeks over Christmas and the New Year, The Dude and I hung our heads in utter despair. Pastries from this gem of a patisserie had been our regular weekly treat. What were we to do if a sudden craving hit us?

“No one makes croissants and brioche like Phillip,” The Dude exclaimed when we heard the news, “No one!” We discussed giving up on pastries and sweet treats by going cold turkey till the bakery re-opened. That lasted for a whole of two days till the cravings got the better of The Dude and he went on his baking frenzy (which he is still in the midst of, I might add).

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve visited the store. Given that we gave away what we baked over the weekend, I decided to make a detour from our usual route to the market today and pick up some treats to tide us into the midweek.

This bakery is a pretty snazzy place. There are no trays or tongs supplied for you to help yourself to whatever you fancy. Instead, the pastries are displayed, almost like art pieces, in a clear glass counter with spotlights shining on the food. You can see the spotlights shining on the handmade sandwiches and some of the savoury pastries in the photo below.


You’ve probably guessed by now that the store specialises in brioche. Like this absolutely delicious (trust me) raspberry brioche here….


They make a wide selection of sweet and savoury pastries as well, like these yummy (trust me again on this one) mini danish pastries in flavours of apricot, sour cherry and blueberry….


And these walnut rolls with white chocolate and cranberry (a real sweet sour delight!) and sweet walnut croquants (chock full of nuts!) to the left of the rolls.


The store also sells bread- a sample of what’s on offer is nicely displayed on this rack here…


Besides the brioche, the other show stoppers in our opinion are the croissants, which like pretty everything else, are made fresh daily on site. Flaky, buttery and crispy with just the right amount of sweetness, they are everything you’ve dreamed of in a croissant and more! Choose from plain, almond or chocolate (favourite!) flavours in standard or mini sizes.


I couldn’t resist getting a mini olive pizza (right of picture), a brioche croque monsieur….


and four mini chocolate croissants which would be so good to accompany a cup of tea or coffee! Note: only two shown here as the other two were already in our bellies when this picture was taken!


The croque monsieur was a first for me as I had been scarred previously elsewhere consuming versions of it that made me feel like
I was eating oil and salt on cold, soggy toast. This one that Phillip made was really something else ! The cheese and ham and brioche combo didn’t feel heavy on my palate and the flavours blended perfectly to produce one unbelievably awesome savoury snack! Here’s a close up of the croque monsieur, seconds before I gobbled the rest of it down.


Yet another trip made to Phillip, yet another delicious find and yet another satisfying episode to add to our foodie experience! In the words of the French – Bravo Brioche by Phillip! Vous êtes magnifique!


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