Pip pip hooray

I love our local library! Not only do they stock the best magazines and kids books, you can always count on finding an interesting book or two in the “Recommended reads” section to take home with you. Such as this one by Pip Lincolne -Make Hey While The Sun Shines.


If you have not heard of Pip, “No matter !” as I’d imagine she might say. Pip is a very talented crafter, blogger, author, writer who, in addition to all of those things that she does, runs a really cool store in Fitzroy called Meet me at Mike’s (which incidentally is the name of her first craft book). Making Hey is her third and most recently published book on craft.


I was drawn to the colourful layout of the book but was a little apprehensive at the start as to whether any of the featured projects were something that I could undertake. Sure, I do some crafting in my spare time but I’m no professional. I’m quite hopeless with a needle and thread and everything I learnt about operating a sewing machine in my youth has been long erased from my memory.

Here are a few of the projects that caught my eye as I looked through the book in detail….

Piggy back pocket monkey– how cute! A toy monkey playing a piano! If only I had paid more attention in home economics class, I would have been able to whip this toy up in no time!


Friendly blankets for cozy couples– Another sewing project. The patchwork blankets have a real country charm to them and will be great for keeping those legs warm during winter! Have to pass on this as can’t-operate-sewing-machine-to save-life.


Tiny sailboat napkins– Teeny tiny embroidered little boats on a crisp white linen? Sounds somewhat doable to me! But it still involves a needle and thread so am moving on.


Cheery chessboard– Basically a woven chessboard which is also a bag that you can keep your chess pieces in. Pretty clever idea but something way simpler to craft might be more up my alley so I’m flipping along.


Girl’s best friend paper wall quilt– Ah! Now we are talking! Arranging cut out paper diamonds to form an artistic pattern? That I can do!


Amazingly cute gift bags– Whimsical, colourful and easy to make! I’m adding this to my to try list!


Geography seat– What a great way to jazz up a plain wooden stool! I’ll have to try this on some of the old IKEA stools we have at home!


In addition to the craft projects, the book also comes with a few surprises of its own, like….

Recipe cards such as this one on how to make your very own homemade ginger beer and…..


A holiday reading list of suggested novels to keep you occupied on those non crafty days, just to name a few of the surprises (can’t give them all away!).


I was really encouraged to find a few projects that looked easy enough for the amateur crafter in me to attempt. Regardless of whether you are a crafter or not, I’ll have to say the book is a visual delight – chock full of whimsy details and colour, no doubt a reflection of the author and her famous shop! I’m pretty inspired now and can’t wait to get crafting soon!

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