A story of purple carrots


Did someone say purple carrots? Yes it’s true- they exist! I’ll be the first to admit that I never knew carrots could be in any colour other than orange! They were so strange that I had to buy a couple of them home to find out how they tasted!


But the story of purple carrots is not just a simple tale about the discovery of an unusual coloured root vegetable, dear gentle reader (although did you know that they are the original carrot? Who knew!). Rather, it is a story of how our dear Bugs finally started to crawl for the first time!


It happened as I was slicing up those purple carrots. Like always, I had placed Bugs on her playmat and scattered a variety of toys out of her reach to encourage her to crawl while I prepped dinner. Like always, Bugs took her time studying what was on offer before deciding which toy to make a move for.


The strawberry patterned shades that Humpty Dumpty was wearing looked appealing enough. I saw Bugs placing her hands on the mat as I started chopping up a purple carrot. Then something truly magical happened! Instead of the usual plonking her whole body on the ground and slithering from side to side to get to the toy, Bugs stayed on all fours and crawled to reach for the sunglasses!

I could not believe what I had just saw! The Dude and I had been trying all ways and means for the longest time (at lest it seemed that way) to interest Bugs to get into the act of crawling with little success. Now here she was, our precious little Bugs, doing it all by herself!

Here is Bugs making her way to get her toy camera (electronic gadgets are her favourite)….


And inches away from grabbing an unsuspecting Chorizo, who was wandering around the playmat out of curiosity.


I rang The Dude on his mobile and shared with him the exciting news. When The Dude arrived back for the day, we both held hands and did a dance of joy around Bugs (which must have looked quite crazy to anyone who was watching us from a distance) before tucking into our dinner that included those ‘magic’ carrots.

My hands were curiously stained purple after chopping up the carrots and remained that way even after I had washed them a couple of times. But hey- I’m not complaining! I’ll be very happy to have purple hands and chop purple carrots the whole time to experience magic like that everyday!


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