Massive attack


Ever since chancing upon the Massive Weiners shop in Greville street a few weeks ago, I’d been wanting to visit it and check out what’s on offer. With a shop name like that, I was naturally curious to find out just how BIG those hotdogs were going to be!

We had the perfect excuse today to visit the store as the weather was sunny and we happened to be in the vicinity. A hotdog snack would be extremely ideal and portable while we window shopped along the street.

The shop itself is not particularly huge, really it’s more like an indoors hotdog stand. But it was decked out with quite a few kooky details! There were a pair of plastic leopards, each with a missing ear, that greeted us as we entered the shop.


Behind the simple counter was service with a bow tie and a wide smile!


The menu itself was pretty hilarious and obviously written tongue in cheek! We did not think twice and ordered the classic massive wiener to try.


Check out the vintage cash register that is used in store! It was a real treat to see it work in real life!


And on the side of the screen of the cash register are photos of the boys (dressed with their bow ties of course) who run this quirky outfit!


I had a look at what drinks were on offer at the cooler and guess what I found? Orange Fanta in a glass bottle! Hands up if you drank that drink when you were little! *Hand waving wildly in air*


Our order finally arrived a few minutes later and here’s how it looked…


Boy was that wiener huge! They really weren’t kidding when they said “Massive”! The hot dog was almost as long as two of my hands lengthwise! However do they get sausages that big I wonder! Here’s another shot of it from another angle just to show how long the hotdog was!


Taste wise, it was really delicious – the tangy tomato sauce and American mustard went well with the enormous salty sausage and soft white roll! Thank goodness The Dude and I shared one- two massive hotdogs (or twenty four inches if you are calculating) would have been way too much to stomach! Have a happy Saturday everyone! πŸ™‚



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