Breaking the cycle

What do you usually have for breakfast to start off the day? If you are pressed for time, like The Dude and I, cereal and milk (or in our case, a few sticks of good ol’ Weetbix) might most likely be your choice!

We had been religiously having Weetbix for breakfast everyday in the last few months. I’ll admit it does feel a little mechanical somedays and there have been many occasions where we wished we could have something different – even a simple jam sandwich would have been a nice variation to the monotonous brown stuff we ate for the past countless mornings. But there was always a mountain of chores to tend to and that, coupled with looking after a somewhat mobile infant meant that tastebuds aside, having some food in your tummy is much better than none at all.

However this picture of chocolate pancakes that i spotted last night in a recent copy of GoodFood Australia changed my mind. The pancakes looked enticing enough for me to consider taking a little more effort for breakfast. I was determined to make them the next morning.


The Dude was understandably over the moon when I informed him that we would be having his favourite food to start the day- chocolate and something other than Weetbix! I could have sworn I saw (from the corner of my eye) him leap up in the air and clicked his heels together while I weighed out the flour and cocoa powder for those pancakes!


After mixing in some milk, sugar and a couple of eggs to the flour and cocoa mixture….


This chocolaty gooey pancake mixture emerged!


It took a little less than ten minutes to cook the pancakes…


And here’s the end result, served up with a side of melted chocolate which I had made earlier using our trusty microwave!


The pancakes were extremely delicious dipped in a generous amount of melted chocolate (most things are, I imagine!). They were a really nice change from our usual morning diet and a sweet way to start off a Sunday!

What are you having for breakfast this morning? I hope it’s something delicious!


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