Unfinished business

Do you have a favourite fruit? I am sure you do! For me, pears are my absolute favourite go to snack in autumn! They are green (favourite colour), sweet, healthy and especially affordable during the season – too much to love really!

So it seems pretty appropriate that I finished crafting this latest project of mine in autumn – a giant crochet amigurumi pear!


Perrier (name of giant pear) did take quite a while to complete. I had started this project a year ago, intending for it to be a toy for Bugs but had left it on the back burner when Bugs arrived. I decided to pick it up again after chancing upon it recently while clearing out the cupboard.

The project itself wasn’t complicated- just lots of crochet. It took me a few weeks to complete half of the pear as I’m not that proficient in crochet. Give me knitting any day, I still say!


Here’s how the pear looked before I stuffed it with toy stuffing….


And here’s how it looked with stuffing….


There were times in the wee hours of the night while working on this that it did feel like I was crocheting for eternity! Once the eyes and smile were embroidered on and I saw the pear smiling back at me, I started to feel happy! Mainly because I knew the end of the project was nearing.


After finishing the pear body, all that was left to do were the little stem and leaf. That meant more crochet (ack!) ! Luckily the pattern instructions were clear and simple and I managed to finish them and sew them on in one sitting. And hooray! Perrier the giant pear was finally complete!


In case you are wondering how big Perrier is , I’ve placed a regular pear right next to him in the photo below for comparison!


Perrier may not be suitable for consumption but he’s just ripe for cuddling! Hopefully Perrier will inspire Bugs to love pears as much as I do as she grows up!



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