Milton rocks!


To celebrate me finally finishing that gigantic project of a pear, we decided to head down to Greville street this afternoon and have coffee at one of the cafes I had been meaning to try – A Shop Called Milton!

Most people who pass by the store do a double take for a few reasons. There’s the small but mouthwatering selection of quick bites like the Lindt chocolate brownie squares on display today…


And the interesting display of potted plants and homewares at the shop front , telling you that this is no ordinary cafe! There’s more to it than meets the eye!


It was a lazy weekday afternoon so the cafe was nice and quiet –just the way we liked it!


While waiting for our order to arrive, I took the chance to browse around and found a huge variety of homewares and accessories that they were also selling, scattered in various nooks and crannies around the shop!

Here’s a sample of what’s in store:

Lovely homemade jams that were displayed on a shelf just above one of the cafe tables.


Handmade pottery bowls and plates


Pretty and bright cushions that are sure to jazz up a dull couch!


A cute little ceramic spoon for salt!


There were even leather bags and jewellery hanging on the walls!!


I had a quick chat to the cafe owner who explained that all of the items instore (including the food and coffee) is one hundred percent handmade in Melbourne! Good on Milton for supporting local artists!

Our order finally arrived at our table. There were the yummy Lindt chocolate brownies which were simply too good to describe in words….


And our drinks for the day -a deliciously spicy chai latte, sweetened with a hint of honey and equally lovely mocha coffee, both of which were the perfect accompaniment to those decadent brownies!


A shop called Milton truly rocks! I’m pretty sure we’ll be dropping by again very soon!


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