Photo inspiration

This book was sitting on my favourite “Recommended Reads” section when I visited the library today.


What a strange coincidence! It’s as if someone in library land knew about my secret balcony garden wish! Needless to say, that book went into my bag, together with this little gem that was sitting not too far away.


We’ve gone a little trigger happy ever since Bugs arrived. The last time I checked, there were close to 2200 photos on the memory card (all hail the digital age!), all of them were of Bugs in various poses and expressions on an almost daily basis.

With so many photos on hand, I was in need of some inspiration on what to do with them. Surely there must be a better way to display them rather than in the usual album/mug/mousepad that we are used to seeing?

That’s where the genius of the book –Photocraft: Cool things to do with the pictures you love by Laurie Frankel and Caroline Herter comes in. This book is packed with simple techniques and instructions on how to transform your favourite snaps into a unique display piece!

Here are some great ideas I found:

Have you thought about jazzing up a plain old tissue box with some personalised pictures? Bet it’ll be a conversation piece around the (coffee) table!


This accordion frame looks versatile enough to suit most home decor! I love how the simple details adds to the decorative feel of the whole display!



How cool is that to be able to make a mini portrait necklace featuring your loved one! Hmmmm…. Might be a great idea for Mother’s Day *Hint hint*!


It might be a little hard to make out from the picture but these are silk scarves with photos printed onto them! Too gorgeous for words!


Wow you can even consider transferring your photos onto a lampshade! Now where’s that photo we took some time ago of Bugs’s poo……;p


These personalised metal tins are great for wedding and party favours! Or to hold treasured little bibs and bobs!


I love how cute and easy to make these photo bracelets are! I’ll definitely be adding this to my burgeoning to-make craft list!


This is probably the most stunning shower curtain I’ve seen! The image features one of the authors’s two sons having a bath in an antique tub. A water scene for a water screen –just perfect!


There you have it! Eight unique ideas on what to do with those favourite snaps of yours right out of the brilliant Photocraft book! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little dose of inspiration! If you have some great ideas on how to showcase a treasured photo or two, I’ll love to hear them! 🙂


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