Sweet for my sweet

“I made an eclair for you.” I told The Dude this morning shortly after he rose from bed. The Dude looked at me quizzically and replied ” What did you say? You made eclairs? When was this?”

“I did it last night when you were fast asleep. And it’s not eclairs, just one eclair.”


“You made it while I was sleeping? That’s incredible! You did the choux pastry from scratch?”


“Uh huh!” I nodded my head, “It wasn’t too difficult, I did it in under half an hour.”

“And the icing? What flavour did you make it in?”

“Oh chocolate of course! That’s your favourite flavour! I know that!”


“Was it really messy icing the eclair? Melted chocolate can be runny and difficult to handle.”

“No- didn’t have an issue! The icing was a breeze and got applied on without a cinch!”


“Wow! I’m really excited now! Where is it? Can I have it for breakfast?”

“Here it is,” I replied, placing the plate in front of The Dude, “The knitted chocolate eclair I made for you last night!”


“And,” I added, “Before you get upset, here’s what we’ll really be having for breakfast- chocolate croissants!”


“That explains why there was only one eclair,” The Dude commented over breakfast while examining my latest knitted creation in detail, “It sounded a little fishy to me right from the start. Although I’ll have to say it looks kind of realistic from a distance. What are you planning on making next?”

“Oh I don’t know,” I replied, “I have a few ideas up my sleeve but don’t want to give the game away so you’ll just have to wait and see!”

“Happy to wait if there will be chocolate croissants to enjoy at the end of every knitted project” was the response.

Hmmmm not a bad suggestion after all, I might consider taking that up! Hope you are having a sweet start to the weekend!


P.S:I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos of me knitting and sewing the eclair together! Always happy to hear any comments or suggestions you may have!


2 thoughts on “Sweet for my sweet

  1. Hi Daph!

    It’s totally not u to do a knit work leh… I could never imagine it! really! haaa. Anyway, very happy to read your blog! 🙂 happy moments indeed! 🙂 are u going to share little bud’s photo one day ? 🙂

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