Toys R Us

You’ve probably heard of a library for books but have you ever heard about one for toys? Imagine my surprise when I learnt from one of the moms in my playgroup that toy libraries for little kids and babies existed around Melbourne!

“How great is it that you can borrow toys for your kids!” I mentioned to The Dude yesterday evening, “Bugs is getting bored with her toys and new ones are so expensive. Plus we are running out of space to store more toys!”

So off we went, bright and early this morning, to our local toy library to check it out!


I felt ridiculously excited as we walked along the little path to the entrance. Bugs probably sensed our enthusiasm as well for she bounced happily in the baby carrier as we inched closer to the door!


Finally we arrived at the entrance and all that stood between us and toy utopia now was this little wooden door.


We pushed open the door and were greeted by the amazing sight of toys everywhere! The floor and shelves were stacked full of all types of toys such as this incredible selection of board games…


These wooden doll houses and….


Plastic scooters and cars.


There was even a toy stove and kitchen sink (complete with plastic toy plates to wash) and…..


A wooden ironing board and iron to borrow if your kid loves to pretend play doing housework (start ’em young, some might say)!


Given that it was a Saturday, the toy library was pretty busy with parents and kids dropping in to return their toys and pick up new ones.


We waited our turn before being served by the lovely and very helpful Mary who explained to us the conditions of joining the toy library. There was a small joining fee and certain rules we had to adhere to in terms of borrowing a toy- like cleaning them very well before returning them (hey no one wants to play with mucky toys!).

We also learnt that the toy library is run entirely by volunteers (how amazing is that!) which meant that we had to contribute a few hours during the year to help out at the counter. The toy library also holds regular fundraising events like bake sales (Pssst… There’s one coming up next week!) and selling raffle tickets which members need to be a part of. We didn’t think too much about the volunteering and fund raising – helping out at the toy library sounds fun and baking a cake to raise money was definitely up our alley so we wasted no time in signing up on the spot!


Mary then showed us the section of toys which would be age-appropriate for Bugs and suggested a few for us to consider.


There was a limit on how many toys you could borrow for free – one bulky toy and one small toy per child. Extra toys could be borrowed for a nominal cost of a dollar per toy- very affordable I have to say!

We went with Mary’s suggestions and selected an extra toy – a set of stacking towers to bring home today.


Finding out and visiting the toy library really made our day! We’ll definitely be regulars -now all I have to do is read through those terms and conditions in detail and think about what to make for future bake sales!

Have a great Saturday everyone! 🙂


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