Harmony on a plate

Happy Harmony Day in advance everyone! 21st of March is when everyone in Australia celebrates our cultural diversity and heritage! During the week, schools, businesses, governments are encouraged to get everyone together and do something special to foster community spirit, respect, tolerance and inclusiveness. Harmony day is a day to remind us that ‘Everyone Belongs‘ (that’s the official slogan)!

The Dude’s office decided to celebrate Harmony day today in the best way they knew how- by having a potluck lunch! Each employee had been asked to bring in a dish that was symbolic of their heritage to share around the table. What a great way to celebrate diversity and taste harmony I say!

Our contribution to the special lunch affair was a batch of creamy mango puddings that I had made up the night before. The Dude and his colleagues took some snaps of the event which I thought would be interesting to share:

Here’s the spread on the table just before everyone dug in! Look at how much food there is! Fantastic effort by everyone I say!


Judging from the pictures, there were fried dim sims, homemade sausage rolls, meat pies with smiley faces on them (I kid you not), home baked quiche, pizza, dips and bread, sweet slices and a pavlova topped with strawberries….



Oh and our humble mango pudding offering of course!


There were heaps more food which I couldn’t make out from the pictures. I bet they all must have been really delicious! I was told by The Dude that our mango puddings were well received –hooray!

I’ll have to say this Harmony Day lunch was a real success! I’ll end this happy post with a parting shot of our mango pudding that The Dude took as he was eating it at his desk! Wish I could have been there to experience it all!


P.S: Why not have your own Harmony Day celebration by holding your own multicultural lunch? You can find more information about how to go about having A Taste of Harmony here! More information on Harmony Day can be found here!


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