Kanoko joy

I can’t tell you how excited I am about today’s post! It literally took me three months to finish it and now I can reveal to the world my latest completed knitting project – my Kanoko pants, made using my favourite Bendigo Woollen Mills luxury wool, specially for Bugs for the coming cooler months!


Kanoko pants was designed by the extremely talented Yumiko Sakurai who provided the pattern for free! How fantastic is that!

The word “Kanoko” means seed stitch in Japanese. Here’s what a knitted seed stitch looks like up close….see the big horizontal part of the pants that are extra bumpy -that’s seed stitch for you!


It looks pretty complex at first glance but it was a real easy knit! It was pretty quick too! It took me three months because I only had half an hour every other day to work on this. If I was able to work on it uninterrupted, bet this would have taken two weeks tops! Here’s the pants just after I had finished all the knitting.


There was a tiny bit of sewing to be done which was mainly around the waistband area. Before I started the sewing, I crocheted up a long string to add around the waistband.


Next I stitched on an elastic band before finally closing up the waistband.


Once that was done and I had weaved in the other loose bits of string –Voila! My Kanoko pants project was finally complete!

Here’s how it looks like from the front….


From the back…


And finally a close up of the waistband in front.


There’s still a teeny weeny bit of work I need to do called blocking to basically straighten out the edges which have furled up….


But I just couldn’t resist trying them on Bugs to see how they looked….


A perfect fit! These pants are going to be super handy when the mercury dips! Hooray for Kanoko (seed stitch)!

2 thoughts on “Kanoko joy

  1. Those are fantastic! So pretty. I would love to make those for my little man, but I barely have time to think, let alone learn to knit.

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