On the party trail

Did someone say “Party“? Yes you heard me right! There’s going to be a party in town for a special little one! Only thing is that it’s happening soon and I need to prepare for it!

Which was why we headed out to Malvern today to pick up some party supplies! The party shop happened to be located near to the famous Glick’s bakery shop!


I could feel my stomach growling as we paused and studied the trays of biscuits on display today which included….


These mouthwatering shortbreads….


And those lemon melting moments *yum*….


Until I finally reminded myself of why we were here in Malvern for!


The party shop had a huge selection of balloons to choose from…..


And costumes and masks….


And party favours like these nets of chocolate gold coins.


I didn’t go crazy at the party store and buy enough streamers / party ware to last us two lifetimes!


Our party prep stash included this really cute high chair decoration set…


And this cute pink badge for Bugs to wear on the day of the party!


Oh! We also passed by this fabulous patisserie in Malvern which I’ll probably visit and blog about on another occasion- we tried to purchase some macarons to take home today but the shop was too packed! Till next time I guess!


Hope you are having a lovely midweek and see you tomorrow! 🙂

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