How it all began


A wise maternal and child health nurse I met last year once told me- “Find one thing that makes you happy today and write it down in a journal. That’s how you’ll get through the days, especially the tough ones.”

I was in the pits of being a new mom when she gave me that nugget of advice. The sleepless nights, the crying (us included), the feeding and endless nappy changes had started to take its toll on us. My mind was in some kind of a comatose state when I brought Bugs for that visit – I could hear voices talking above the crying but not much was registering in my brain as I was concentrating on pacifying Bugs.

Somehow, amiss all the chaos, that piece of advice stuck in my head. It sounded simple enough to follow and easy enough to carry out. I was already keeping track of feeding times in a notebook so adding on that extra detail was not going to require too much effort. So that was how we started taking note and writing down a happy moment a day!

I had the chance to look through that notebook today -boy was it a trip down memory lane (even though it really wasn’t that long ago)! Here are some of the more significant happy moments that we recorded as we went through the newborn daze days (do pardon the handwriting, we were pretty exhausted and scribbles that seemed to make sense was all we could muster then!):

T.G.I.F (thank God it’s Friday) – no doubt this was written by The Dude! This was probably the most popular happy moment in our little book as we recorded this (or some variation of it that celebrated the start of the weekend) almost every week! The weekend meant no work and more hands to help out! Three cheers to that!


1 month (almost) – Another popular happy moment that we loved recording to encourage us along was to document how far along we had been on our parenting journey. Although it was only (almost) a month, in reality, the sleepless nights made it seem as if we had been awake for the whole year!


I tried to add a doodle or two next to some of the happy moments to make them look more interesting. Here’s Easter with a lame drawing of a spotted Easter egg next to it….


And two simple hearts for the royal wedding (Wasn’t that grand?) where we watched with bated breath as Wills and Kate tie the knot in style while Bugs was fast asleep in my arms.


We even recorded the start of Masterchef Australia Season 3 as a happy moment (although we only managed to catch bits and pieces of the first episode in the end.)!


Almost a year has passed and I am still writing about something that make us feel blessed / jubilant / cheerful / thrilled / tickled / joyous / glad / merry / <insert your favourite “Happy” synonym here on a daily basis! That’s definitely something to be pleased about today! šŸ™‚

Did you come across something that put a smile on your face today? Feel free to share in the comments box!

3 thoughts on “How it all began

  1. I love this. I was late on starting my memory journal. That is why I started my blog to record the great moments (and sometimes stressful moments) with my girls. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Look forward to this moment at the end of the day before turning in — reading this moment of happiness. Enjoy every moment you could have her, before you know, she has out grown that infant stage..then soon start schooling, has her own friends and then …

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