A good kind of temptation

Woohoo! It’s the toy library’s bake sale day today! I’m pretty excited because it’s after all my very first time participating in such an event! Anything for a good cause is definitely worth the effort I say!

So last evening, I got busy and made my favourite blueberry pound cake to bring and sell at the stall. I tried to arrange the blueberries at the top as neatly and attractive as I could -we all know we eat with our eyes first!


The cake smelt yummy as it was baking in the oven -always a good sign that things are ticking along well!


I was pretty happy with how it turned out when I got it out of the oven! Now we had something to give to the cake stall for sure!


Bright and early this morning, we packed our cake into our cheery yellow cake container and headed off to the toy library.


The toy library sign did look a little more festive than usual. Those colourful balloons definitely made you think “Hmmmm…. There’s something going on here…. I wonder what it could be..”.


And then, right in front of the toy library, was the unmissable cake stall stand filled with homemade temptations!


There was also another cake stall that had been set up outside the Coles supermarket to tempt shoppers with home baked delights!


We handed over our blueberry pound cake to the volunteers who were helping out on the day. Our little cake was whisked off into a little magic side room….


Where it waited patiently in line on a shelf with some cookies and cupcakes….


To be labelled and tagged and prettily wrapped for sale!


We hovered around the cake stall to see what was on offer. There were a huge selection of baked goods to suit one’s fancy! Looks like most of the members really came through for this fund raising event! There were muffins and jams….


An assortment of cookies and fudge slices….


Carrot cake with cream frosting and caramel cone cups….


And lots of large, impressive looking and yummy cakes like this kuglehopf on the top left in the picture below.


We spent sometime agonising over which cake to buy. It came down to that kuglehopf and a beautiful gluten free blueberry dessert cake. The blueberry cake won -those purple swirls right on top look too tempting to pass up!


Before we left, I took another peek into the room to see of our cake had been wrapped but it was still waiting its turn on the shelf. Hopefully someone will pick it up later on at the stall and enjoy eating our humble home made offering!

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!


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