Pitter potter

*Phew* It’s been an intense couple of days over at our house with the cake stall baking and prep for Bugs’s party underway. When we woke up and found the sun hidden behind the clouds for the better part of the day, that presented the perfect excuse for us to relax a little and potter around the house till the weather warmed up a bit!


It was pretty chilly today which made us hanker after some warm spicy food. The Dude whipped up my favourite savoury snack of fried spiced potatoes and pumpkin…..


While I took a few minutes to water our budding garden and look what I saw! A few green shoots peeking out from the soil!


I am not too sure what herbs the shoots are. Maybe it will be more apparent once they grow bigger. Still , that’s pretty exciting news on a gloomy Sunday!


We gobbled down our lunch of slow cooked spiced chicken with stir fried spicy black bean veggies and tomato rice….


And finished our meal with a couple of slices of that dreamy blueberry dessert cake we picked up at the cake stall and hot steaming spicy chai tea!


The sun finally came out and we headed out and spotted this toy clown fish sitting in a tree! How funny is that!


We’ve had a day of quirks (clown fish in tree- hmmm maybe Nemo lost his way again), excitement (can’t believe there’s something growing in the garden that’s not mould!) and lots of spice – another great Sunday to add to the books! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday too!


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