Testing testing

I’m kind of in between knitting projects at the moment, with my last big finished piece being those awesome kanoko pants. Since Easter is not too far away, I thought I’ll get a little crafty and make something that would knit up quickly on my needles!

Meet Test bunny – I call him so because he’s the first rabbit toy that I’ve ever made! Making him was also a challenge on my sewing and pom pom making skills so the name seems quite appropriate!


The pattern for Test bunny was written by the fabulous Rebecca Danger who is really famous for her wacky monster toy patterns. Oh and did I mention that this pattern has been provided for free! Yay to that!

The knitting bit of Test bunny was very straightforward and took me a few hours to complete.


Here’s all the completed parts of the toy- body, two ears and pom pom tail. Making the pom pom did take me a few tries to get the right amount of fluffiness.


I started the sewing bit by first stitching on the face before adding on the rest of the elements….


And finally stuffing and sewing up the bottom.


Test bunny does not look like the immaculate soft toys with seamless stitching that you can find in toy stores everywhere. But I’m pretty happy with the result and the fact that I completed it in under three days! Double yay to that!

Here’s how he looks like from the front….


And from the back! I heart the pom pom tail!


Rebecca Danger did mention in the pattern that the finished bunnies are notorious for loving cookies, especially the chocolate kind. Given that we had just purchased a box of Chips Ahoy cookies, I thought it’ll be best to write a small warning note….


And stick it near Test bunny so that The Dude would know not to consume any cookies anywhere near it!


A quick knit and a great start to the week- triple yay to that!


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