Fun with rhymes

It’s baby time rhymes day today! “What’s that?” you say? Baby time rhymes is a monthly music and story time session that the local library conducts, just for babies under two years of age! Best of all, it’s free!


From what I’ve heard, the baby time rhymes sessions are pretty popular and the venue is always packed to the gills (everyone likes good, free stuff yeah?). I had been wanting to take Bugs to one of the sessions for the longest time but invariably, something else of greater importance had always cropped up. Today there wasn’t anything pressing in the horizon to attend to. That meant that Bugs and I finally had the chance to experience the session first hand!

We arrived at the library just before the session started and sure enough, a small crowd had already gathered at the children’s books section.


The library is not extremely huge but if you ever wander away and need to find your way back to where the session is being held, just follow the trail of prams.


We all (babies and mommies) sat down on the floor and sang nursery rhymes and listened to stories being told.


There were even musical instruments That were handed out for the babies to play with! Here’s Bugs holding on to one of them.


Bugs got a little bored with the nursery rhymes halfway through the program and spent the rest of the session playing with this toy she had spotted lurking near where we were seated.


There were a few recommended children’s books which the library had laid out for parents to pick up after the session.


I picked up one and tried to distract Bugs away from the toy with it by making the sounds of the animals that were featured in the book.


I was pretty successful in making the animal sounds for these two creatures….


Till I flipped to the page that had these two….


And even this!


At the end of the session, Bugs was much happier playing with the toy than bopping along to the nursery rhymes. Oh well – at least she had fun and I know what toy to get for her next!


P.S: If you know what sound a panda, penguin or crocodile makes, please let me know!


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