Hold the nuts…

And soy and dairy and wheat and seafood please! That was what was told to me at playgroup recently when we discovered that one of the kids had severe allergies to the ingredients that I had mentioned above.

It’s pretty tough when you have food allergies- I’m speaking from personal experience here. My eyes swell up and parts of my face and body break out in red raised patches when I get greedy and eat shellfish. Which explains why crabs and prawns rarely feature in my diet (the fact that they are more expensive than meat is also a deterrent). But to be allergic to multiple food ingredients which are found in most of the food we eat really brings the words “fussy eater” to a whole different level!

I had been planning to bring a cake in to playgroup tomorrow to celebrate Bugs’s birthday. That meant that the cake had to be as allergy free as possible if I intended for everyone to have a slice (no one likes feeling left out right?). But to bake a cake without milk or soy or flour was something I had zero experience in.

I did a little research at our local library and found this gluten free cookbook with an attractive looking chocolate cake on the cover.


There were lots of recipes for savoury mains and sweets including this baked cheesecake with fresh peach dessert sauce…


This peachy plum hazelnut galette….


And these cranberry orange muffins.


The recipes generally substituted your standard wheat flour with something else that was gluten free like rice flour or corn flour. They looked simple enough to follow but I really wanted to be on the safe side with this (I know what it’s like to walk around with a puffy face covered in hives for the better part of the day- not very fun if you’re wondering).

Thankfully a recent trip to our local health food shop saved the day! The staff recommended this cake mix for me to try – gluten, nut and dairy free and idiot proof to make? Sign me up for a box I say!


The cake mix smelt pretty pleasant when I tipped it into my mixing bowl. I followed the instructions and added the eggs, canola oil and water to the mix….


I gave the mixture a good stir then mashed up some organic bananas…


And folded it into the cake mixture.


The uncooked mixture didn’t look any different from a typical cake mixture that had wheat, nuts and dairy.


In fact, it smelt pretty good as it was baking in the oven – very much like your regular banana bread. Here’s how it looked out of the oven an hour after I had put it in.


Pretty amazing stuff I say! Who would have thought that I could make a cake without wheat or dairy or nuts? Ok so I kind of cheated and used a cake mix but it’s still incredible to me that they can come up with something like that for allergy sufferers! Now they can have allergy free cake and eat it! Can’t wait to cut into the cake and have a taste of what it’s like – will have to let you know tomorrow!


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