The final touch

I decided to jazz up the cake I made yesterday for playgroup with some frosting this morning. After all, it was kind of like Bugs’s first birthday cake and that extra touch would make it look much more fancy than the plain brown colour that the cake was. Plus it would be good practice before I got on to icing her actual birthday cake in a couple of days time!

I started by piling all the icing in the middle of the cake.


Armed with my brand new kitchen implement – a small palette knife, I slowly began pushing the icing out from the centre.


A little more to the right….


And then to the bottom side near to where I was….


Making sure I’d covered every part of the surface with icing…


A few more tweaks and spreading….


And I was done! My oh my does that cake look much more fancy iced! Using the palette knife to spread the icing was waaaaay easier than a spatula (which I’d used previously) for sure! I was feeling quite chuffed at my spreading skills at the end of it (Yes I know it really was the palette knife that did all the work but let me indulge in self praise for a few seconds)!


I’m pleased to report that the cake was very much enjoyed at playgroup today. I didn’t manage to take any photos – it was a little difficult trying to blow the candles / cut the cake and eat it while keeping an eye on Bugs our little explorer at the same time!


But I did snap a picture of a slice to show you! May your day be frosted with sweetness and joy today! See you tomorrow folks!


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