Dreams are made of these

I’ve been spending a little time in fantasy land lately. Mainly thinking about how, if I had limitless cash, would my dream home would look like.

I’ll have to point the finger at this particular issue of RealLiving magazine for tossing me into such a daydreamy state these days. For some reason, I was drawn to quite a few of the designs and pages in this issue.


So I thought I’ll share with you my favourite pages of the magazine through a little poem I composed titled “If I had a lot of money“- here’s how it goes:

If I had a lot of money
Wouldn’t it be funny
If I could buy a cardboard moose
And hang it on whichever wall I choose?


My bathroom would have a row of sansevierias
Not like those in the cafeteria
With a huge white tub
For me to play scub-a-dub-dub


I’ll cook my meals in a kitchen
That has a simple design without gingham
I’m not sure if it can stay as neat as a pin
Especially after chopping up some pumpkin


We’ll eat on placemats as cool as these
With a phrase or two printed on them that might tease


And at the end of the day
When the stars come out to play
I’ll sleep in my bedroom sanctuary
Hugging my little brown teddy!


Have a lovely Friday everyone!

P.S: There’s another reason why this issue is special – stay tuned tomorrow to find out!


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