All systems go

It’s Bugs’s big party today! What a fantastic day its been! The guests have left and I can finally reveal the details of the celebration, including the thank you gifts that we made for them!

We were flipping through a recent copy of RealLiving magazine when this recipe for spiced nuts caught our eye.


Those nuts in the picture looked so golden and tantalising – they were practically calling out our name to make them! Plus the recipe was simple enough to follow! We decided to make a batch up for our guests and here’s how they turned out:


The house smelt of spice and freshly toasted nuts the minute these little golden gems came out of the oven and stayed that way for the better part of the day! Once the nuts had cooled, they were lovingly packed into little containers….


And sealed (with a lid and a kiss) and labelled!


Here are all the nuts -packed and ready to go into gift boxes!


I decorated some noodle boxes with some craft paper and little labels which I had made with pre-cut shapes from the Rock Paper Scissors shop.


The nuts container was packed into the noodle box first before filling up the rest of the box with chocolate eggs (Easter is not too far away!).


There you have it! Thank you gifts for the guests all done and dusted 🙂 !


I went through my list and checked if the other elements of the party were in order:
Party favours for everyone (photo bracelets)- check….


Decorations, including those for the high chair …check




Food and drink…. Check



Chocolate birthday cake with cream cheese frosting (I think palette knives are my favourite kitchen tool now) and marshmallow flowers….check


And the most important item of all on my list -birthday girl dressed in her special birthday dress ….a BIG check to that!


I’ll admit I had been fretting a bit that something might go wrong today but am very glad to announce that all went very smoothly without a single hitch! And best of all, Bugs was really happy too! She remained in a cheerful mood for the rest of the day, all the way to bedtime! Seeing her smile really made my heart smile as well! I can’t ask for a much better outcome than that!


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