Sweet endings

How do you top an awesome day like yesterday? Why with lots of chocolate of course! After a hectic week of party prep, The Dude and I decided to treat ourselves with a little sweet indulgence at one of our favourite chocolate shop – Ganache Chocolate !


You know Easter is in the air when the chocolate shop start to display an array of their best goodies on offer….


Such as these massive fifty or hundred pieces filled eggs! How much chocolate is that! Just looking at them gave me a prolonged sugar high!


There was also a giant dark chocolate Easter bunny that was half the size of Bugs….


Giant Easter eggs (giant seems to be quite the rage in this place)…..


And an assortment of *phew* more manageable (read: less insanely big) chocolate animals rounds up the window display! That’s a lot of chocolate to look at I think!


We were greeted by this huge sign just before we stepped into the shop – isn’t it nice to know that every precious piece of chocolate is one hundred percent handmade?


Just like the window display, the shop is filled with lots of chocolates! There’s chocolate on the tall shelves…


Blocks of chocolate in too many tempting varieties against the brick wall…


Delicious pralines in a various shapes and tastes to tickle one’s fancy….


And there’s even ice cream and cake to satisfy any dessert cravings you might have if the chocolates are not tempting enough!


We picked up a couple of scrumptious almond and honey tea cakes that had dark chocolate sprinkled on top and this cute marbled bunny.


We finished the tea cakes in a flash. They were a very special and delicious reward to end a fantastic week! As for the bunny, I’m saving it till later but you can bet your top dollar that it won’t last till Easter!

Hope your weekend’s been sweet too!

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