Bugs and Bunny

I’ll have to warn you, dear readers, that this is a really quick post. There’s good reason for it being so – our dear little Bugs caught a nasty bug after coming back from a party we went to on Sunday.


She’s been a real trooper despite being under the weather, still happily playing with her brand new and old toys and still ever so curious about the world around her. But that horrible virus and its effects on her does rear its ugly head at us every few hours or so, sending us racing for the thermometers and Panadol to relieve her discomfort.


I got Bugs a little wooden stick with bells at a nearby toy shop when we went to the doctor’s earlier to cheer her up but it seems that it’s going to take a little more than that to get our little bunny feeling as right as rain again.


So before I sign off and head back into the world of temperature taking and medicine making, I thought I’ll share with you a few cool DIY Easter bunny crafts that are easy to make to lighten the somewhat somber mood I’ve dragged you into! Here they are, in no particular order:

Cute Easter bunny eggs … Everyone can do that! More details can be found here!


Make an Easter bunny or chick out of paper cups! More details here!


Easter bunnies made out of bottles and cupcake cases – sweet! More details here!


Carrots that the Easter bunny would approve of! More details here!


And the one that inspired today’s post and made me smile amiss all the frenzy of nursing Bugs back to good health is this cute Makedo bunny! More details here!


See you later alligator my honey bunnies!


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