On the mend

You know your kid is feeling a lot better when you see her….

Showing a sudden interest in the toy dinosaur that you’ve been trying to get her to play with for the longest time….


Pouncing on every chance she can get at ripping the Panadol box apart (I think Panadol is her sworn enemy now)…..


Getting engrossed in quality literature during nappy change time….


Practising her downward dog pose on her activity station over and over again!


What a difference a day makes! The Dude and I were pleasantly surprised and relieved to see a much more energetic and cheerful Bugs up and about today! There’s still a bit more of the virus lingering around as Bugs is still not a hundred percent, but it’s still real good to see that things are on the up and up!

I decided to celebrate Bugs’s recovery and reward myself for surviving yet another sleepless night with a yummy lunch of some poached Beijing pork dumplings (they’re best with spicy chilli oil!)….


And the latest copy of the Australian Women’s weekly that comes with a free chocolate cookbook (oh I am such a sucker for free stuff!)!


The better part of the day was spent keeping Bugs out of mischief – another sure sign that the effects of the virus are fading away! I’ll end today’s post with a picture of our little fighter, just moments away from flinging the orange book at a concerned Chorizo, who had hovered near the edge of the coffee table to see if Bugs needed help with the books!

Hope you have a lovely and bright day too!



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