It’s official now

Hello there everyone! It’s such a special day! I can’t describe how happy I am that Bugs is officially one now as of today! What a big year it has been for all of us!

It goes without saying that no celebration is truly complete without some form of cake being present. So without much further ado, behold dear readers! I present to you Bugs’s birthday cake – a deliciously moist chocolate fudge cake!


I’ll have to say this cake is probably one of the easiest cakes I’ve ever made. I’m not tooting my own horn here about my cake making skills – it actually states so on the recipe itself that it’s the easiest ever chocolate fudge cake to make!


To make the cake, all that you need to do is to tip all the ingredients into a mixing bowl….


Give it a good whizz with a hand mixer or food processor….


Divide the batter as equally as you can into two cake pans…..


Spend some time licking the leftover cake batter while the cakes are baking in the oven….


Thirty five minutes later and your chocolate cakes are done! Don’t you just love it when a recipe is that easy!


Assembling the cake required weighing out more chocolate….


And melting it to make the chocolate frosting. I literally had to restrain The Dude from dipping his fingers into the bowl to “taste test” what the melted chocolate tasted like.


Applying the icing (with my trusty palette knife) on the first layer of the cake made me feel a little like the famous cookbook author and food stylist Donna Hay.


It reminded me of an old Masterchef Australia episode she had starred in, teaching the contestants how to style, you guessed it, a chocolate layered fudge cake with the utmost precision.


I remembered her diving and weighing out the icing for each layer into exact proportions before applying it on the cake in a meticulous clockwork manner.


Needless to say, her cake looked stunning. I’m no Donna Hay but I was pretty chuffed with the result after I finished icing the top layer of the cake!


Here’s a close up of the cake from the side!


The cake slices looked extra delicious served on these special “1st birthday” party plates….


And every mouthful tasted decadent but not cloyingly sweet – just the way we like it!


I did pinch a tiny morsel for Bugs to sample! She grinned from ear to ear after having her first taste of chocolate fudge cake! Guess the love of chocolate must run in the family!


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