Pim my house

A ‘mystery’ package arrived from the post today….


It was something that I had ordered specially for Bugs- can you make out what it is beyond the bubble wrap?


If you peered at the picture closely enough and was able to make out the words “Chinese”, you would probably be able to guess what this package is about! If you are thinking something to do with languages, you’re on the right track! It’s a mandarin language learning kit for babies and kids!


I’ll confess that my own mandarin language skills are a bit dusty (they weren’t great to begin with from the start)….Make that extremely rusty. It’s been a while since I’ve conversed in the language. When I do get the chance to use it, it must sound pretty alien, judging from the weird stares I get on the faces of people trying their utmost best not to break out into crazy laughter. Bugs would probably have a better chance at learning mandarin with the help of some award winning material than relying solely on my dismal abilities!

The Little Pim (that’s the brand) kit comes with a set of DVDs which introduce everyday phrases and words to kids in a entertaining manner….


A set of flash cards and a teacher guide to complement the DVDs….


A cute poster showing you how to say “Hello” in various languages (Buongiorno! Come sta?)….


And a cuddly plush toy of the star of the show – Little Pim the panda!


I played one of the DVDs to get Bugs started on her journey to bilingualism. She seemed happy to sit with Little Pim Jr. ( the soft toy) and watch the show….


And got really excited when the cartoon panda came onto the screen!


But the books and toys that surrounded her proved too much of a distraction this time round- after staring at the TV for a whole of five minutes, Bugs decided to turn her attention elsewhere and wandered off to play with her favourite book.


Oh well, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day! I’m pretty sure she’ll catch on to this in the near future!

P.S: Little Pim is a truly amazing panda that speaks ten languages, including mandarin! Bet you can’t find a smarter panda than him! Find out more here!


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