The big drive

Happy Good Friday everyone! It’s an exciting Easter long weekend for us as we are heading off to the Peninsula for our very first family holiday!

I’ve been looking forward to this trip ever since January came along and have been quietly counting down the days and crossing them off in my calendar in eager anticipation! After 96 crosses, that day has finally arrived!

We first got down to the mundane task of packing for the trip. Travelling with an infant meant that there was lots to bring along. Luckily The Dude was organised enough and made a list for us to check off! In case you are wondering, the photo shows a quarter of the stuff that we packed for the trip! That’s right – only a quarter!


We even packed our humble rice cooker along (hey Bugs loves her congee- that’s a big enough reason I think)!


Once we had loaded what seemed like everything but the kitchen sink into the car, it was time to set off!


The drive took an hour and a half and was pretty pleasant, though at times traffic did slow to a crawl at various points in the trip. That did stress us out a little as Bugs was feeling quite cooped up strapped to the car seat for such a long period of time. But the heavens were looking after us and the traffic eased up as quickly as it had clogged up. There was an undeniable sigh of relief between the both of us when we finally reached our destination!


We were greeted by the sight of sunny skies….


And rolling green fields as we stepped out of the car! A very nice and refreshing change of scenery indeed! And best of all, Bugs did very well on her first long road trip! Three cheers to that!

I think I’m going to enjoy blogging from the Peninsula over the next few days! Hope you are enjoying your Friday and see you tomorrow!



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