A slice of the sea

The holiday’s been going great so far! I’ve had the chance to do a bit of this….


Keep an eye on a super enthusiastic and curious Bugs….


And take in the breathtaking view from the balcony at the same time!


We had the chance to visit the lovely seaside town of Sorrento today. We always pop by the town for a visit whenever we are in the Peninsula. Besides the fact that it is the main amenities centre for miles and miles, there’s something else about Sorrento that always draws holiday makers like us to visit the place.

I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is. Perhaps it’s the relaxed vibe or mix of interesting retail and food shops and art galleries that line the main shopping strip that are the crowd pullers.

The shops and art galleries stock the most interesting things! Mind you, they don’t come cheap as Sorrento is well known as a rich man’s haven so prices reflect accordingly. Nevertheless it was still nice to wander around the town and check out stuff like this wooden fish sculpture….


These hand carved wooden kangaroos….


This set of colourful and quirky portraits of a cow and a horse….


And in the spirit of Easter, these hand sewn leather bunnies!


We spent most of our time in Gepetto’s workshop – a very cool toy store that stocks lots of wooden toys and puppets.


You know you’re in the right place if Pinocchio greets you at the door!


I spotted these retro woodpecker toys and couldn’t resist getting one for myself Bugs!


Before we headed off, we had to visit Just Fine Food- the cafe that touts itself as being the home of Sorrebto’s famous vanilla slice! But it is after all the Easter long weekend and the queue for food was way too long for our liking.


Instead we picked up a vanilla slice and a custard tart from a neighbouring bakery and headed back just in time for tea!


The vanilla slice went down like a dream – smooth and creamy and not too sweet, with crisp pastry on the outside to complement the filling! It may not be the famous Sorrento one but I’m still happy that I get to have it today!

Hope your Saturday is as nice as that vanilla slice!


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