Sunrise surprise

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! We were really lucky to be awake to catch the beautiful sun rising from the horizon this morning!


I had the chance to do a little last minute Easter crafting yesterday evening with this little kit that I picked up going at a massive discount (I’m a sucker for cheap stuff) from the craft shop recently.


The little chicks and bunnies in the picture looked really cute and appropriate for the occasion! I was really thrilled that the shapes and materials came pre cut….


And all I had to do was to follow the diagram and glue the parts accordingly! Too easy for words!


The faces of the little bunny and chick were easy enough to assemble….



But I did struggle a bit sticking on the feet and the ears- I blame my stubby fingers for this! Here’s my finished craft chick and bunny after I’d fumbled with the glue and parts for a good half hour….


I’ll admit my completed chick and bunny looked a little rough around the edges and not as cute as those that were on the craft packet. But making them did get us into the Easter mood earlier than expected – The Dude and I consumed some chocolate eggs right after I’d finished crafting!

The chick and bunny did feel a little left out from the chocolate egg action that we were engrossed in last night and this morning. That’s Bugs playing with the chocolate eggs and rabbit we had as part of breakfast (so wrong but so right…).


So I thought I’ll cheer them up and surprise them this morning by bringing them along as we caught the view of the sunrise outside!


Have a lovely Easter that’s filled with lots of love and chocolate folks!

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