Of peanut butter and fishes

A little drama erupted at home this afternoon. It involved a bottle of this innocent looking peanut butter.


It all started right after Bugs had her first taste of peanut butter which I’d lightly spread on some bread. a few minutes after consuming the food, Bugs started to break out in hives around her eyes and ears.

The hives must have been pretty itchy as rubbing them was all she was focused on the moment those little red bumps appeared. The Dude and I wasted no time and sprung into action mode – we knew how serious peanut allergies could be. We grabbed our important belongings and quickly packed Bugs (and ourselves) into the car and headed for the Royal Children’s hospital (its the only medical thing open on a public holiday).

The Dude drove as quickly and safely as he could while I tried my best to distract Bugs from scratching her eyes. In what seemed like the longest fifteen minutes ever, we finally arrived at the hospital.

As we had expected, there was a little queue to see the triage nurse. While waiting for our turn, we spotted a beautiful wall to ceiling aquarium installation that had been newly installed as part of the new hospital fit out and brought Bugs there to have a look.


The sight of the aquarium and the fishes swimming (happily?) amongst the corals entranced her enough to focus her attention away from the itchy blobs on her face! When it was finally our turn to see the nurse, the swelling around her eyes has gone down considerably!

There was yet another long wait that we had to endure before finally getting to see the doctor. Again the aquarium was around to rescue us in terms of entertaining Bugs whenever she grew a little weary of the wait!


When it came time to see the doctor, The Dude and I heaved a huge sigh of relief when the doctor examined Bugs and informed us that the effects of the allergic reaction had subsided. We were equally glad to see Bugs back to her curious self – she even tried to reach for the keyboard on the doctor’s table while sitting on my lap when she noticed him typing up his diagnosis!

Can’t ask for a better happy moment than knowing your kid is feeling a whole lot better! Oh and I have to thank the fishes in their help in all of this too!

Hope your Monday is going well !


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