Would you like strawberry with that?


After a roller coaster of a day yesterday, The Dude and I treated ourselves to a special breakfast of strawberry jam on toast (instead of our usual Weetbix and milk) this morning. What’s so special about that, you say? Only that the jam is from the famous Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm that we visited on Easter Sunday!


No trip to the Peninsula is truly complete without a visit to this place! It is, what I think, the bees knees when it comes to all things strawberry! You can’t help but notice the giant strawberry at the entrance on the way to the farm shop!


The farm shop is a great place to get your hands on some farm produce and strawberry related merchandise! There’s always the famously sweet and succulent Sunny Ridge strawberries for sale in the chiller….


Strawberry cider and wine (not in picture) for liquor aficionados….


Homemade ice cream in many flavours that’s super creamy….


Packets of freeze dried strawberries which are a great alternative to raisins….


And of course, jars and jars of the best strawberry jam I’ve ever had!


Instead of picking up one of the pre packed boxes of strawberries from the shop, we decided to hand pick our own strawberries on site! Given that it was Easter, there was also a special egg hunt held in the strawberry fields! Searching for chocolate amongst nature sounded way too interesting to pass up!


We collected our plastic container at the shop counter and followed the little orange cones as instructed….


And right round the bend were beds and beds of strawberries- all ready for us to explore and pick!


We spent a little time peering in between the leaves of the strawberry plants to see what we could find. The ripe (and juicy sweet) red strawberries were relatively easy to spot- here’s one of the first few that we picked:


We were told to leave the pale coloured strawberries alone as they still needed some time to ripen.


The Dude did most of the picking on that day as Bugs was with me in the baby carrier….


And he got extremely excited when he spotted a blue Easter egg peeking out among the leaves!


Our plastic container was filled to the brim with juicy sweet red fruit half an hour later!


We left the farm with huge smiles and lots of strawberry produce! It was a truly fruitful experience indeed! See you tomorrow folks!

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