A classy read

Have you ever been to a place which just oozes style and made you feel like you were part of the “in” crowd for just being there?

That was exactly how we felt when we visited the Prahran library this afternoon. With our local library closed for renovations for a full month, that meant that we had to seek out somewhere else to return our overdue books and borrow new ones.


I had passed by this library many times on our way to music class and had never once thought of venturing in to take a look. I mean, let’s face it, a library is a library right? They are all pretty much about the same everywhere – with books and magazines that you can borrow?

But my opinion soon changed the moment I stepped through the sliding doors and saw this marble statue right at the entrance of the library.


The vintage chandeliers hanging from the ornate ceiling did also made me think that this place is not your run of the mill fluorescent lights-grey or white wall library.


The library itself was pretty impressive at first sight! The warm muted lighting made the place feel cosy but classy at the same time. And the soft jazz playing in the background did nothing but enhance the cool ambience of the place.


Someone must have really thought through how to structure the lights such that they would not hide the intricate detailed panelling on the ceiling.


Even the wall behind the library counter looked fancy!


The children’s section was stacked with lots of books and toys including this quirky mini telephone box, complete with wooden telephone inside!


Bugs had some fun with the beads toy while I took the opportunity to grab a few books for her and myself (pssst…. Found a really cute book which I’ll share tomorrow!.)


Being in that library made me feel as if I’d walked into a completely different world. A stylish world. A world where I was hip and cool. Oh at least just for those twenty minutes we were there!


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