I heart cute

*Warning- this post contains cute pictures which may make you smile and giggle like schoolgirls*

Alrighty – now that the warning is out of the way, it’s time to introduce the book that I picked up at the library yesterday ! Presenting to you, dear readers, the extremely adorable craft book “Cute Stuff” by Japanese company Aranzi Aronzo!


Now for those of you who know me, you might be aware of my secret addiction to all things cute (wait… I just typed that… Guess its no longer a secret now!). There was a brief time in my life I was crazy about this little fella….

Tarepanda image from Wikipedia

And this one too (in case you are wondering what is it, it’s a anime burnt red bean bun called Kogepan -check out his very adorable story here!)!

20120412-222449.jpg Image from thiscowispurple.com

I was so crazy about them that I collected tons of merchandise featuring these two characters! But I digress, dear readers – we are here to talk about the cute craft book and not about my past obsessions!

The projects in this book generally involve using felt and a bit of sewing to put together objects for daily use. The end results are so cute that they are making me reconsider learning sewing all over again!

Even the instructions are written/ drawn in an appealing, childlike manner!


These were the projects that made me think twice about brushing up my miserable sewing skills:

These felt key chains are so adorable! The description of the project (See bottom of picture) is just hilarious!


I love tote bags – and to be able to make one of these would be a real dream come true for me!


These pouches are too cute for words and the perfect complement to those tote bags above!


Name card holders that are bound to put some sunshine into anyone’s life!


This is a little weird but you can make a long scarf for your soft toy to wear when the weather is cold.


Wow- the book even teaches you how to make cute appliqués that you can sew into garments, bags etc. ! I’m putting this in my craft queue for sure!


I’ve saved my favourite project for last – a Mr Happy bag – guaranteed to put a smile on your face ( and shoulder) every time you carry it!


I’m quite in love with this book, I must say! Hopefully I get the chance to try out one of the projects soon! If not, just looking at the cute pictures is more than enough to keep me pretty happy for the moment! Totemo kawaii!


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