Life as we know it

“Do you remember what it was like last year at this time?” The Dude queried me while we went for an evening walk around the neighbourhood.

The sun was just beginning to set behind the clouds, its orange rays streaming through the trees. A mild breeze was blowing, making it very pleasant indeed for it felt neither too hot or too cold.


“Yes I do,” I replied while sweeping Bugs’s fringe to one side of her face, “Last year at this time, we were at home, having left the hospital a few days earlier, figuring out how best to look after Bugs!”

“Remember us discussing before Bugs was born how potentially similar it would be to looking after a puppy?” The Dude commented as we walked past some street art.


“How ridiculously naive we were!” I laughed, “I can’t believe we even thought that. The first few weeks after we all came back from the hospital are still seriously a blur to me. All I can remember of it is through the photos that we took during that time. Very bizarre.”

“Me too. I remember a little more though – they are kind of coming back to me in flashbacks. Like how we stayed in for two weeks and lost track of time. Holding Bugs and bouncing her to sleep while gazing out the window at the stars in the sky. Taking turns to catch some precious shut eye on the couch – half an hour of uninterrupted sleep was such a luxury then!”

“I remember what it was like finally stepping outdoors after being holed up for two weeks at home – it was marvellous! It was only ten minutes but how glorious it was to be able to be in the sun!” I replied as we strolled across the nearby grass patch.


“Remember how we used to have movie nights every Friday or Saturday?” The Dude commented as we headed back in the direction of home.


The sun had finally set and the lights on the streets and in the buildings had come on.


“Mmmmm,” I nodded my head in response, “Curling on the couch, winding down to some entertainment after a hectic work week, yes I do remember those days.”

“So do I,” The Dude mused, as we finally reached home, “I’ll admit there are times I do miss it – our carefree before child life. But to give up what we have now to go back to how it was back then, I’m not sure I want to do that.”

Life, as we knew it, had indeed changed dramatically over the past year. One thing’s for sure -its definitely better than it used to be!


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