From paddock to plate

Hooray for the weekend! We started off the day bright and very early with a trip to the Collingwood Children’s Farm’s Farmers Market!


I love visiting this particular Farmers Market which happens once a month. It’s a great place to shop for some amazing seasonal fresh produce! You get to chat with the growers themselves who are generally really friendly people! And best of all, the kids get to check out the animals and experience a little of what farm life is like!

We followed the gravel road to the entrance of the farm. I love walking on this road – suddenly the city disappears and you find yourself transported to the country.


We pass by a few chicken coops….


A couple of goats grazing in one of the fields….


A few more steps away from those goats and we were finally at the Farmer’s Market!


The market was absolutely bustling today, even though we were there pretty early! I think most people must have realised that the better produce gets sold early on and wanted to get a head start on the shopping.

The Dude and I had been to this market several times so we decided to follow our usual pattern of patronising the stalls we always bought from or browsed through on every visit.

Our walkabout around the market always starts off with a trip to the mushroom man to pick up a bag of fresh Swiss brown mushrooms…..


And then it’s off to pick up a bag of green peppers and a pumpkin….


We pass by the potatoes store….


And spend some time checking out the various varieties on offer before deciding that two kilograms worth of potatoes might be a little too much for our liking.


A quick pit stop to the baked goods store is always a must – more to gaze at what’s on offer than to purchase anything. I love how they’ve showcased the cakes and cookies in rustic display cases!


We then head off to pick up some unbelievably sweet fresh corn cobs…


and spend some time at this stall with a big red umbrella, choosing what’s on offer – usually potatoes and pears. The guy that runs this stall is probably one of my favourite growers in the market – we nickname him ” Honest Farmer”! He’ll tell you which is the better produce to pick and always gives us a discount, regardless of how much we buy! Honest Farmer is the best!


Here’s what we bought from Honest Farmer this time round.


Next it’s off to our favourite biodynamic grower’s stall – watermelons were on offer today (the ones they grow are sugar sweet I tell you!). We picked up one and a few other veggies as well.


We also visited a few other stores such as this one selling avocados….


But no trip to the Farmers Market would be complete without dropping by the Collingwood Children’s farm stall on the way out! The stall sells produce that is grown on the farm itself like this amazing variety of pumpkins!


I picked up this beautiful skein of wool from the stall that someone had handspun and hand dyed using the wool from the sheep on the farm! I love the gradient colours – I think I shall name this wool “Sunshine”, can’t wait to get started knitting with it!


The Dude was pretty inspired by our morning trip and whipped up a delicious lunch of stir fried vegetable noodles using the amazingly fresh produce we picked up in the morning!


I can foresee our meals will likely be more vegetarian than usual the next few days but I’m pretty sure we’ll be very happy with that!

Hope your Saturday is lovely!


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