One recipe, two carrots, three potatoes

I love Sundays (Who doesn’t! )! There’s always a little time in the day to check on how the plants are doing. Here’s how they look now:


I’ve finally figured out that those strands of green are parsley shoots that are sprouting! There might not be enough for us to put into a dish or garnish but it’s still exciting news though! It proves that not all plants come to us to die (Those were the exact words I used when I showed The Dude the plant pot)!

And there’s always time to try out a new recipe or two! The Dude found a recipe for carrot rice in one of the Japanese food cookbooks we had on our bookshelf and made this for us to have over lunch and dinner:


Very colourful and surprisingly yummy was the comment I made when I got the chance to sample it! Two carrots that we picked up from the Farmers Market yesterday went into the making of this healthy and savoury dish (Check out the end of this post for the recipe!)!

The Dude then went on to make a baby version of Shepherd’s pie for Bugs, which she loved at first bite….


And a batch of delicious coriander and green chilli potato patties that had been lightly dusted with Panko bread crumbs….


And pan fried to golden perfection!


They were a nice accompaniment to the carrot rice that he had made earlier! The Dude informed me that he had used three of the potatoes that we had bought from Honest Farmer yesterday for the patties and Bugs’s meal. That’s dinner shown below – carrot rice and potato patties complete with some slices of avocado and a few pan fried green pepper and beef strips! All of which was cooked by The Dude! He’s really outdone himself this time I think!


So there you have it – a little tale of how one recipe, two carrots and three potatoes came together and became a delicious home cooked meal for everyone today!

Hope your Sunday is going great and enjoy the recipe! Any comments most welcome!

**Recipe for Carrot Rice**

-Carrots (the rule of thumb is one carrot per cup of rice)
-Uncooked rice
-Low salt chicken stock or dashi stock (that’s what we used today)

1. Shred carrots with a grater.
2. Mix shredded carrots and rice together and cook in a rice cooker or
The usual way you would cook rice, using the stock instead of water.
3. Fluff rice when cooked and enjoy!


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