To market to market

It’s Tuesday and it’s market day! The best day to visit the market in my opinion! For one, the place is a whole lot quieter (Have you tried fighting through throngs of people carrying baby and groceries at the same time? It involves a lot of balancing and juggling I tell you!) which means more room to roam about and makes everything feel a lot more relaxed!


We had the chance to pop into the Essential Ingredient store right after finishing our shopping to see what latest food craze was being showcased at the moment. It seemed like there was a mini Italian theme going on, with bags of very long spaghetti (twice the length of normal spaghetti) for sale….


And loads of pasta making implements and related accessories on prominent display!


This Mario Batali Parmesan cutter mozzarella slicer caught my eye amongst all the items on display – celebrity chefs sure have taken over the world by storm in the recent few years!


But the real surprise of our visit today was this petting zoo that we found right in the market courtyard!


There were a handful of chickens roaming around…


A sheepdog resting beside an enclosed area which held baby rabbits….


And the highlights of the zoo, which got the kids really excited when they made their entrance, were this brown calf…


And billy goats!


This little white sheep was really the centre of attention during feeding time – it kept stealing the hay that the kids were trying to feed the billy goats with. It seemed so feisty that I thought I better include it in the post as well in case it gets a little offended! It’s clearly an alpha sheep, that little one!


I wonder if the kids understand how ironic it is that the animals in the petting zoo (with exception of the dog) can pretty much be found in the meat hall (top picture) as well! Regardless of that wee little fact, the zoo did seem to entertain the kids quite a fair bit, judging from the sounds that the kids made and the happy smiles on the parent’s faces!


Have a meh-velous day today everyone!


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