It’s magic!

Do you believe in magic? I did as a kid. Big time. Watching magic shows, especially those featuring David Copperfield (I wonder where is he now) was my favourite past time. The plastic wand in my magic kit – you know the ones where you could dazzle your unsuspecting friends with clever card tricks or disappearing balls from cups, was my favourite must-carry along accessory of the day (If only Harry Potter was around when I was a kid).

But then like most of us, I grew up. And realised that those magic tricks were just illusions (ok watching the show “Breaking the magician’s code” did help dispel the myth) that had been cleverly designed to fool the human eye. So I stopped believing in magic. Until recently that is.

This little shiny thing made me change my mind….


If you wondering that it looks strangely like jewellery, you are very right! It’s an amber teething necklace that we got for Bugs to help ease her teething pain!

I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about how effective it would be after the pharmacist suggested it to us as a natural remedy to try. It is after all, just a necklace! Whoever heard of jewellery that could look good and heal at the same time!

It even sounded a little earth mother-ish when she explained that the natural therapeutic properties of the amber resin beads would transmit into the skin and lessen the pain. Furthermore, those necklaces didn’t come cheap, one little strand of those amber beads would easily set you back at least forty dollars.


But The Dude and I were feeling a little desperate by the time we stumbled into the pharmacy early Sunday morning. We had been trying everything we could think of to relieve those sore little gums – cold fruit, frozen teethers, none of them seemed to do the trick. Bugs was still clearly feeling uncomfortable despite our efforts.

So we took the plunge -we bought one necklace and promptly wore it on Bugs the moment we got home. Within moments, the magic started to happen. Bugs appeared less irritable as she went around exploring the house. She even started to smile! The good old cheerful Bugs was slowly coming back! Here she is bopping about with the necklace, you can just make out the huge drool of saliva that came out from her mouth on the right side of the picture.


It’s been four days since Bugs started wearing the necklace and she is looking a lot happier than before. I’m not sure what’s going on but it must be magic!

Happy hump day everyone !


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