Hooray! There’s playgroup on today! Playgroup had taken a school holiday break over the last two weeks. Although it was kind of nice (and less hectic) not needing to zoom around from place to place, I did really miss catching up with the other moms (staying at home is really lonely sometimes) and giving Bugs an opportunity to play with a wide array of toys and other kids.

We headed straight for playgroup after Bugs’s morning nap. I took a different route this time round which was way faster, making the drive much more pleasant than usual.


It was a lovely autumn day today – the weather was mild, not too cold or sunny. The older kids took the chance to play in the outdoor area (which was behind the fence in the picture)….


While the young ones stayed mostly indoors with their moms.


Bugs is an active crawler now so she had lots of fun crawling around the room and exploring the toys that were scattered all over the floor. With Bugs happily entertained, that gave me the opportunity to chat with the other moms and even sneak in a cup of tea (being able to drink hot tea is such a luxury!)!

When playgroup finally ended for the day, Bugs and I both walked away with big smiles on our faces! A successful outing it was today!

Hope your day is going great! See you tomorrow!


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