On the street

Ever since I posted about the Capitol Bakeries building earlier on in the week, I’ve started to pay a little bit more attention than usual about the buildings and their architecture that I encounter on our walks.

We had some time before music class today to stroll around the area and gaze at houses. I’ve never lived in a house in my life – only apartments of varying sizes. It must be really fun to have all of that space and land I imagine! There must be lots you could do like indulge in a spot of gardening and grow some beautiful flowers such as these pretty white ones that we saw in full bloom…


Or ever practical fruit trees like this lemon tree with lots of unripe lemons on it! How awesome will it be to be able to make lemonade with home grown lemons!


There were a couple of pretty interesting houses that we came across on our short stroll. The area must had an industrial era in its history because what makes these houses unique is that they used to be factories or warehouses back in the day!

The first house really stood out from the street. You simply cannot walk pass it without doing a double take! If you look closely at the picture, you can just make out the steeple in between the tall palm trees.


I did a little snooping online to see if there was any story behind the Diener ice works that might be interesting to share. The only information I found was that beneath the industrial facade houses a very nifty and upmarket three bedroom family home! It was going for more than a million dollars (*gasp*) in 2007 – I can’t imagine how much it must be worth now!

Just round the corner and not too far away from the Diener ice works house is this little beauty.


Don’t be fooled by the creepers growing across the wall or that little bit of graffiti in the corner, this pad is a studio and home of an architect (Thanks Google!)!


You can tell that the owners have taken special care to preserve bits and pieces of the old warehouse like this intricate metal gate to retain the industrial feel of the place.


Its pretty amazing what you can find on a walk around the block – just goes to show there’s always something new to experience if you go wandering around!

Have a lovely Friday 🙂 !


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