Bargain hunt

I love Saturday mornings. Especially when the day starts early. It’s great to know you have the whole day ahead of you! More time to pack in fun things to do and enjoy the weekend!

Which was what we did by visiting one of our favourite places this morning – the legendary, wallet friendly, home decorating haven known as IKEA!

The Dude and I are part of the IKEA family, meaning we signed up to be members of the famous Swedish store. Membership does have its benefits – special deals on home wares, discounted prices on food at their famous cafe as stated on this huge signboard….


And a free cup of refillable coffee or tea at every visit! Like bees to honey, we made sure we took some time out from shopping to recharge at the cafe with the complimentary beverage that we were entitled to!


There was a toy sale going on in the kids section and we did not think twice about picking up some bargains to add to Bugs’s ever growing toy stash….


Like this white terrier soft toy which we’ve named “Snowy”! You can tell The Dude is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, judging from the outfit that he picked for Snowy to wear!


Before we left the store, a visit to the “As-Is” section to check out what’s on offer was a ritual pitstop.


This section is a great place to pick up some heavily discounted furniture and home wares that have slight defects or have been used as display items. The cupboard that The Dude was checking out in the picture below was going for seventy percent off the normal price because it had a few scratches on the doors. A real bargain if you’re not too fussy!


We ended our bargain hunting in one of the best ways we know how- a trip to the Golden Arches for a spot of breakfast!


Have a fun filled Saturday everyone!



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