Curry and rainbows

The in laws are in town for a visit and we all caught up over lunch at their place today!

While Bugs was happily entertained with her brand new telephone toy and books that Grandma and Grandpa had bought for her….


The Dude and I took the opportunity to tuck into some delicious home cooking!


My mum-in-law makes the most amazing lamb curry that I’ve ever tasted! I can’t describe how fantastic it tastes in words! One bite and you’ll be a fan for life! The Dude and I have tried to recreate the same dish on previous occasions, following the handwritten recipe that she had given us. But taste wise, it was never as close as the one that was prepared by the Grand Master due to our paltry cooking skills! Boy oh boy were we lucky to be able to savour some of it today!


The Dude opted to have his curry with some savoury spiced rice while I had mine with a big serving of yummy stir fried vermicelli noodles!


There’s that mouthwatering curry again on the side of my plate, moments before I devoured it all up!


We were even treated to a bowl of nourishing vegetable and chicken soup which complemented the curry, noodles and rice perfectly!


The Dude and I were thoroughly spoiled with good old home cooking today while Bugs had the chance to have fun with Grandma and Grandpa! And as if the day could not get any better, we spotted this pretty rainbow on the drive back!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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