Rain rain go away

Its been a while since I’ve been to the city. Ever since I’ve left work, we’ve had little reason to head into town. But today, a few of our errands required that we made a special long overdue trip there!

The weather had been pretty miserable for the better part of the day. It was grey and gloomy all around whenever we looked. Even the Eureka tower and Federation Square looked depressing when viewed against the backdrop of looming rain clouds.


A couple of traffic lights broke down at several junctions. Thankfully, the friendly policemen in blue were around to prevent chaos from breaking out.


We parked the car and made our way to our destination on foot. Along the way, we passed by many Art Deco buildings like this pink one….


And the famous Myer store!


The store had recently undergone a facelift so we decided to pop in for a few moments to look around. The interior now looks really upmarket and modern, something you can’t tell just by looking at the grand old facade.


There was even a swishy champagne and coffee bar for visitors to chill out in store! All that shopping is hard work for sure!


When we finally stepped out of the store, look what we saw! Blue skies and sunshine! How crazy is the weather! Here’s a picture of the historic GPO building that I took -the sunlight sure brightens up the surroundings!


Even the Commonwealth bank building – another stunning example of Art Deco architecture looked regal against the blue skies!


I felt it might be best to celebrate this sudden burst of good weather with some delicious egg tarts from our favourite city bakery!


I’m sure The Dude won’t disagree to that! Hope your Monday is going well!



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