Rainy day fun

You know it’s a dreary and cold day when the streets are wet and glistening….


No one is sitting in the outdoor portion of the cafe because the tables are soaked with rain and….


The dogs start to wear their winter wardrobe when out on the streets!


With the weather the way it was, it meant that most of the fun that Bugs had to experience today had to be indoors. We started off our rainy day activity day with a parade of soft toys -first up was this little green sheep….


Who was quickly tossed aside to make way for Snowy, the brand new terrier we got from IKEA who was dressed in his racing best.


A toy poodle and the Easter bunny then made special guest appearances….


And the parade finally ended off with Bugs’s favourite toy of the moment -Mortimer the moose with purple antlers!


Finger puppets are always a handy thing to have to entertain your kid. These were next up on my playlist.


Bugs had more fun trying to pull the puppets off my fingers than listening to the tale I tried to make up involving the characters (a story about Santa learning how to bake and dance was the best I could muster up on short notice)!


Our little activity day ended with a music and bopping session to the tunes of “Creep” and “Fake Plastic Tree” with this CD that we borrowed from the library (The Dude is a huge Radiohead fan)!


A different kind of fun for an average sort of day! Have a great day everyone!

P.S: If you have any suggestions on rainy day activities, I’ll love to hear them!


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