Serious fun


Image from My Desi Baby

It’s a little weird of me to talk about a children’s book. We all know that grown ups (like you and I) read grown up books and pigs only go oink all day and night, right?

But Sandra Boynton books are a different story altogether! There’s something special about them that makes you want to read the stories along with your kid as well! Perhaps it’s the cute cartoons that cleverly illustrate the stories….


Or the funny text that is entertaining but educational at the same time….


Or their handy size which makes it easy for little hands to hold and flip the pages! Whatever the reason, her books are a big hit in our household!


Ever since we discovered these adorably hilarious books, I’ve been consciously looking out for them on our trips to the library, especially since we’ve pretty much gone through most of the titles shown in that first picture. Today, we were extremely lucky to finally find this Sandra Boynton book that we had not yet read!


This little bear and his thoughtful query really made my day as we had been feeling a little overwhelmed at the end of the day in keeping Bugs as entertained as possible before her bedtime.


This book, like all the others before it, was filled with enough silliness and cute cartoons to put smiles on all our faces as we read through it! And the sage words at the end of the book were a great reminder that things are never as bad as they seem!


Isn’t it amazing what you can learn from a children’s book? Have a fantastic Thursday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Serious fun

  1. I LOOOOOVE Sandra Boynton’s books! And I love that my son loves them too! They’re fun and engaging, and I catch him pretending to read (and sing) them all the time! (He’s two…and really, really good at it.)
    Enjoy your Thursday as well!

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