Blast from the past

It’s true what they say – about fashion never going out of fashion. Especially in the world of knitting I think!

I picked up this book – Retro Knits: Cool Vintage Patterns for Men, Women, and Children from the 1900s through the 1970s by Kari Cornell and Jean Lampe, on a whim at a recent trip to the library, mainly because I was curious as to what vintage knitting patterns and the clothes that people used to hand knit were like.


Surprisingly, most of them would not look out of place in our modern times! Check out this sweet looking bolero from the 1950s….


This ever practical looking cardigan that can be paired with just about every outfit….


And this set of him and her matching sweaters which might motivate some lovebirds to get their needles clicking!


I was pretty inspired after flipping through the book and decided to visit the local op shop to see if there were any vintage knitting stuff I could pick up for a bargain.


Visiting the shop always makes me feel like I’m about to embark on a treasure hunt. There’s always something that might catch your fancy if you look hard enough!


Fortunately, I didn’t have to spend that much time searching high and low for all the knitting stuff was conveniently located in the centre of the store!


The knitting patterns were going for a dollar a book. At that price, who can resist picking up only one book? Alright you got me there – it’s seven to be exact!


I even managed to find this beautiful hand knitted top in mint condition for Bugs going for less than a fiver – a real steal I say, especially if you take a close look at the detailing on it! Someone must have spend heaps of time and effort making this!



I’m pretty excited about my vintage finds today! Hopefully I can find the time to try out one of the patterns in the near future!

It’s finally Friday everyone! Have a great day as always!


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