Star power

Look who we spotted this morning at the market giving a cooking demonstration!


It’s the very talented and funny Alvin Quah -one of our favourite contestants from MasterChef Australia season 2!


Alvin was in the market today to “Cook for a Cure” in support of Research Australia. This is the second year that the “Cook for a cure” initiative has been up and running – to get involved, all we had to do was to invite people over to dinner at our place and donate what we would have spent on a meal outside to fund research in cures for leading medical ailments. What a really novel way to raise funds for a good cause!


Now back to Alvin and his culinary showpiece of the day, a simple Hokkien noodle stir fry, hawker style, was on the menu today! Here’s Alvin holding a bag of the said noodles and explaining to the audience his method of blanching the noodles before the big stir fry.


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hang around to have a taste of the final product or snap even more photos of Alvin or sneak in an autograph or two from him (we are such huge fans!). But still it was such a treat to be able to see him in action in real life! And whatever it was that went into that stir fry sure smelt very yummy as the market was absolutely perfumed with those savoury aromas as we went about our shopping!

All that talk about Hokkien noodles is making me hungry – I think I’m going to go and cook us some noodles for lunch now. Have a slurpy Saturday everyone!

Hokkien noodles image from Healthy Food Guide

You can find out more about Research Australia’a Cook for a Cure here!

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